My first art Blog/stay at home Blog

Hello everybody,

Because of Corona virus I have to work at home. And that isn't a bad thing for me because I can draw at home and do al my work from home. But sometimes you feel like you can't leave you home and just have to stay inside the whole day. And sometime you will lose your concentration because there are a lot of fun stuff to do like playing on your Nintendo Switch or a family member walks in to talk with you. So distractions are everywhere at home.

But I have to do a lot of stuff for my company. So if you want some tips I will give you a few to keep your mind on your work. 

1. Keep something in the background going.

With this I mean music or a video. For me music works. With a video in the background a get a bit distracted (I keep watching the video and not doing any work). But some people like to have a video playing in the background. Or watch/listen to a podcast that is a thing that also keep me working harder. But don't get to into it.

2. Keep your desk clean.

Keeping your desk clean keep your mind clean. I am a artist so having a lot of art supplies on my desk is a big thing in my life. But if you have used something clean it up afterwords. it really help to keep you working on things that you have to finish. 

3. Give your self a break. 

Don't keep going give your mind some rest to get new creative ideas! Keep a schedule. Set your alarm clock in the morning and be productive. Yes you can plan your own day as you like. So if you like to work at night than you can do that but that doesn't change the fact that a schedule keeps you productive!

4. Keep socializing!!!

I try to Skype with friends on or school days. So I can ask thing and have a bit of a chat. You don't have to chat the whole time. You can both work really hard and be quiet. But it help me to know that somebody else is working so I have to work to.

These are a few of the thing that keep me woking. I that this could maybe help somebody. And I hope you guys enjoy this kind of content to. And I hope you guys are safe or stay safe. 

Thank you and have a nice day!